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Questioned, Answered!

My Formspring page has been rather dead of late; which is a shame, because I’ve got some pretty interesting questions that took me awhile to answer. I’ve decided to share some of those questions here with you, along with the … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 11-16-09

Too tired to blog tonight. Here’s a super cute elephant for you to look at! 😀 Got take-away from LG1 canteen, and we headed to Hall 7. The wind was starting to get crazy then. Luckily, we were both carrying … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 05-25-09

Sometimes I’m in this oddly poignant mood to revisit my past, I know it may seem hypocritical at times but I’m only human and somehow seeking refuge in my memories makes me The happiest thing is… OMG! My Bday … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 04-20-09

To achieve greatness for the future of the students, the students themselves are being forsaken. And it’s gonna be one more month, just one more month. I couldn’t care less which party would topple which other party, I just want … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 04-14-09

Reading my friends’ blogs, you come across many interesting, if not quirky, quotes. Read on for a sample of them: If everyone has the same positive attitude towards the work they do, life would be perfect. Nobody will say they’re … Continue reading

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