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The posts that refused to fit in

Toilet Humour

Disclaimer: Do not read this post during mealtimes. You have been forewarned! You notice one thing about Malaysians; though a lot of us speak English with foreign accents, have studied in prestigious universities abroad, or work with professional global corporations, … Continue reading

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Oldies but Goodies

Jason* is a senior at the company for which I work. Today, as we were walking out to lunch, he shared with me a startling fact: he has been using his current Nokia phone since 2005! He hasn’t changed it … Continue reading

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Survived Rapture

If you didn’t know it (and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), the world was supposed to end today, as predicted by one Harold Camping, the leader of a fringe Christian group somewhere in America. Well, not “end” as … Continue reading

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SELAMAT HARI RAYA all my fellow Malaysian readers! Hey, no one should stop you from celebrating this auspicious occasion and sharing the joy of the season with your friends of all races and religions! So break out the iced drinks and snacks, … Continue reading

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Smoking Hot? ..Not!

So there I was at this nondescript generic Chinese coffee shop when this absolutely awesome-looking babe steps in with whom I presume is her boyfriend. Long straight flowing hair? Check. Sensuous twinkling eyes? Check. Sweet happy smile? Check. Hot delicious … Continue reading

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