Back from JB

Kulai for two weeks was like a holiday where you have to work. The upside of this is the minimal contact with people at the office, so less distractions not related to the current engagement equals more work done. On the other hand, the place was really quiet and other than eating and/or spending time in the hotel room, there’s really nothing to do there.

You need to drive for half an hour before you reach Johor Bahru, so the only reason we stopped by was to hail a cab into Singapore. There’s a sense of familiarity, what with sleek glass-and-steel modern skyscrapers side-by-side with beautifully maintained pre-war buildings, but also a feeling of newness. It’s quite amazing to walk along Orchard Road and not only find pedestrian-friendly routes, but also no rubbish at all.

All in all, it was a productive two weeks there. The environment was not ideal and we faced some tough challenges, but I left Kulai with new knowledge and possibly feeling a little bit more grownup in terms of my working capabilities. I’m looking forward to more large-scale engagements such as this one, especially with a solid team to back me up!

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Cats and Their Nine Lives

Photo by Mykl Roventine // Flickr Creative Commons

Say what you will about cats, but they’re awesome. With their quick reflexes, swift agility, graceful poise and keenly honed survival instincts, cats have evolved the tools necessary to co-exist with us in the modern world, one full of dangers both natural and man-made.

While cats have demonstrated time and again their supernatural ability to skillfully avert death at the last minute, I’ve noticed that we humans actually take what cats can do for granted.

For one, if a proverb is anything to go by, cats supposedly have nine lives. Continue reading

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I forgot to let you know that I’m assigned to a client in Johor for the next two weeks. I’ve just checked into Nouvelle Hotel and the room reminds me of 360xpress Hotel in Kuching, although the one here is more spacious and less strategically located. The problem is, being a hotel converted from shop-house lots, my room is waaaaay in the back, away from the two colleagues with whom I will be working. Lord help me if I ever get drunk, I wouldn’t be able to find my room at all.

More updates forthcoming, so don’t you worry!

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Toilet Humour

Water cascading over a pair of hands.

Photo by By SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget // Flickr Creative Commons

Disclaimer: Do not read this post during mealtimes. You have been forewarned!

You notice one thing about Malaysians; though a lot of us speak English with foreign accents, have studied in prestigious universities abroad, or work with professional global corporations, our sense of toilet etiquette (especially in public toilets) is remarkably atrocious! Continue reading

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One Hundred.

Thanks for the list, Jasmine. Dear readers, what have you been doing with your life lately? Continue reading

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